10 Fully Funded Scholarships in the USA: Your Gateway to Educational Excellence

10 Fully Funded Scholarships in the USA

Unlock your potential with fully funded scholarships in the USA. Learn about prestigious programs offering comprehensive funding for undergraduate and graduate studies, and make your educational dreams a reality.

1. Knight Science Journalism Fellowship:

The Knight Science Journalism Fellowship is a prestigious opportunity offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for journalists specializing in science, technology, and the environment. This fellowship provides financial support for a nine-month program at MIT, allowing fellows to enhance their knowledge and skills in science journalism. The funding provided covers tuition fees, offering journalists the chance to engage in rigorous academic coursework and research. Additionally, fellows receive a stipend and assistance with other related expenses, enabling them to fully focus on their fellowship experience and produce high-quality, impactful journalism in their chosen field. See more scholarships here

2. Rotary Peace Fellowship:

The Rotary Peace Fellowship is a prestigious and fully funded program dedicated to nurturing individuals passionate about peacebuilding and conflict resolution. This program offers master’s degree programs at esteemed universities worldwide, including reputable institutions in the United States. The fellowship covers all expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and travel costs, providing comprehensive financial support to fellows. Through rigorous academic and practical training, the Rotary Peace Fellowship equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a positive impact in addressing global conflicts and promoting sustainable peace. See more scholarships here

3. Omidyar Fellowship at the Santa Fe Institute:

The Omidyar Fellowship at the Santa Fe Institute is a program that offers support to early-career researchers specializing in complex systems science. This fellowship provides funding for a period of up to three years, allowing fellows to focus on their research without financial concerns. The funding covers not only the fellow’s salary but also includes benefits and research-related expenses, ensuring that fellows have the necessary resources to conduct their studies effectively. By providing comprehensive financial support, the Omidyar Fellowship enables researchers to delve deep into the field of complex systems science and contribute valuable insights to this interdisciplinary area of study. See more scholarships here

4. Soros Justice Fellowships:

The Soros Justice Fellowships recognize and support individuals who are actively engaged in projects aimed at advancing criminal justice reform. These fellowships encompass a range of activities, including advocacy, research, and organizing efforts. Recipients of the fellowship receive funding that enables them to dedicate their time and energy to their projects on a full-time basis for a period of 12-24 months. This financial support empowers fellows to drive meaningful change within the criminal justice system, promoting equity, fairness, and improved outcomes for individuals affected by it. See more scholarships here

5. .Goldwater Scholarship: 

The Goldwater Scholarship is designed to assist undergraduate students who are dedicated to pursuing degrees in science, mathematics, and engineering fields. This scholarship program provides comprehensive financial support, covering various educational expenses. Recipients of the Goldwater Scholarship receive funding for tuition fees, fees, books, and even room and board, up to a maximum amount of $7,500 per year. By alleviating the financial burden of education, this scholarship empowers talented students to focus on their academic pursuits and excel in their chosen fields of study. See more scholarships here

6. Google Lime Scholarship Program:

The Google Lime Scholarship Program aims to provide support for students with disabilities who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in computer science or related fields. This program offers financial assistance to alleviate the financial burden of education. Additionally, recipients of the scholarship are invited to attend the Google Scholars’ Retreat, an event that provides networking opportunities and access to industry professionals. Through this program, Google and Lime enable students with disabilities to pursue their academic and professional goals in the field of computer science, fostering inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry. See more scholarships here

7. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP):

The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) is a prestigious program that offers financial support to graduate students pursuing studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Recipients of the fellowship receive a three-year stipend, which helps cover living expenses and allows them to focus on their research and academic pursuits. In addition to the stipend, the NSF GRFP provides tuition support, alleviating the financial burden of graduate education. The program also offers opportunities for international research experiences and professional development, enabling fellows to broaden their knowledge and skills while contributing to scientific advancements. See more scholarships here

8. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship:

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a valuable opportunity for undergraduate students with limited financial resources who aspire to study or intern abroad. This scholarship program offers financial support by covering the costs associated with international travel, program fees, and living expenses. By alleviating the financial barriers, the Gilman Scholarship enables deserving students to engage in transformative international experiences, broaden their perspectives, and enhance their academic and professional development. The scholarship empowers students to explore new cultures, gain intercultural competencies, and make meaningful contributions to their fields of study or work. See more scholarships here

9. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship:

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship is a prestigious program that provides financial support to high-achieving students with demonstrated financial need. The scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate studies, helping students pursue their educational goals. The scholarship covers various expenses, including tuition fees, living expenses, books, and other educational costs. By alleviating financial barriers, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship empowers deserving students to focus on their studies and unlock their full potential, ensuring that talented individuals have access to educational opportunities regardless of their financial circumstances. See more scholarships here

10. Davidson Fellows Scholarship:

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon students who have made notable contributions in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, music, literature, or philosophy. This scholarship program provides significant financial awards to deserving recipients based on the scope and impact of their projects. The scholarship aims to support and encourage exceptional young minds who have demonstrated exceptional talent, creativity, and dedication in their respective fields. By recognizing and rewarding their achievements, the Davidson Fellows Scholarship empowers these students to continue pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making a positive impact in their chosen disciplines. See more scholarships here

Visit the respective websites of these scholarships by clicking here to gather more information about eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and specific requirements. It’s important to start the application process well in advance and carefully follow all instructions to increase your chances of success.

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