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Aflatoun Adhami Award, Canada

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    Aflatoun Adhami Award will be awarded annually to a full-time returning undergraduate student. The recipients may be from any Faculty and must have a minimum GPA of 6.00 (B). Recipients must be Canadian citizens/permanent residents/protected persons and residents of Ontario who demonstrate financial need. Applicants may be required to include an essay outlining their community involvement. If sufficient funds are available in any given year this award may be given to more than one recipient in a year at the discretion of the University.
    Application Process

    To apply for this award, please fill out the current Student Financial Profile at Students with permanent disabilities have the option of completing a paper application available from Counselling and Disability Services. Please fill out the Community Service and Extra-Curricular Activities sections detailing your involvement at York University. Please also include a personal statement outlining these activities.

    How to Interpret the Awards Search Results

    1. Offered

    The time of year when this award is offered. This gives you an idea about when you’ll need to apply for the award. The most common is In-Course (Fall/Winter), indicating that the award happens during the Fall/Winter session.

    2. Award Type

    The type of award:

    1. Bursaries are based on financial need. Therefore, students with financial need are encouraged to apply.
    2. Scholarships are based on academic merit. Therefore, students with high academic standing are encouraged to apply.
    3. Awards are based on both academic merit and financial need. Therefore, students with high academic standing and financial need are encouraged to apply.

    3. Value

    The value of this award.

    4. No. of Awards

    The number of these awards offered each year.

    5. Description

    Details about the award’s origins, purpose, and eligibility requirements. For example, some awards may require a minimum credit enrolment, a certain grade point average (GPA), enrolment in a specific Faculty, or a certain citizenship status.

    6. Application Process

    This explains how you can be considered for the award. Many of the awards simply require that you fill out the Student Financial Profile (SFP) for the current session. Other awards may, for example, ask for reference letters and personal statements outlining your extra-curricular involvement.

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