Bradford Futures Scholarship

Bradford Futures Scholarship

 Full-time: available
Part-time: not available
Prospective students: available
Current students: available
Entry year: 2022/23
 Undergraduate: available
Postgraduate taught: not available
Postgraduate research: not available
 5 scholarships available

About the scholarship

The University is delighted to be able to offer this scholarship to deserving undergraduate students.  The scholarship is aimed at home-fee paying students, particularly those able to demonstrate that they meet one of the criteria detailed in the University’s Widening Particiation Plan.  Please check the eligiblity criteria section for further details on this.

The scholarship is worth £1,500 per year – which would be paid as a cash payment to scholarship winners.

Eligibility criteria

Full time, home fee paying, undergraduate students.

Students must either be year zero (foundation year) or first year undergraduate.

Applicants would also need to demonstrate that they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • being from a low participation area as defined by POLAR 4 in quintile areas 1 and 2; which are the lowest participation areas.
  • have low household income and/or low socioeconomic status
  • are a BAME student
  • are disabled
  • are a young carer
  • are a care leaver
  • are a refugee or asylum seeker (not already in receipt of a University specific scholarship eg Sanctuary)
  • are estranged from parents
  • are an adult learner (25 and above)

Applicable courses

All full time undergraduate courses.

Eligible countries

Students from all countries, who meet the criteria, are eligible.

Payment amount & frequency

Students will be paid £1,500 per year for the duration of their course (upto a maximum of 4 years).

How to apply

All applications are electronic – applications for the scholarship will open on the 3 October 2022 and close on the 31 October 2022.

Find out more

  • Where possible, students wishing to apply for this scholarship should have already applied for student finance.
  • Please note that this is a competitive process and not all applications will be successful. There isn’t an appeals process; the panel’s decision is final; also, please note that we will not be able to offer feedback.
  • Please note that, you may be awarded this scholarship alongside the standard UG bursary and also, if applicable, the University’s Academic Excellence Scholarship.

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