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Dr. Thomas John & M. Eleanore Hulland Graduate Scholarship

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    This award honors Dr. Thomas John Hulland’s life, his career as a veterinary pathologist, and the partnership of Tom and Eleanore Hulland. Tom grew up on the Canadian prairies during the dustbowl years. He learned early to be a resourceful problem solver. Outstanding role models in his life recognized Tom’s inquisitive nature, his intelligence, and his tenaciousness in solving any challenge presented to him. Their encouragement and mentoring led him to pursue higher education, and eventually to specialize in veterinary pathology. Dr. Hulland loved being a faculty member at OVC. He and his wife, Eleanore, served as a faculty family for decades of veterinary students. Whenever a Hulland encounters one of Tom’s previous students, they talk about the amazing lectures Dr. Hulland gave, complete with detailed chalk drawings to illustrate his lectures on the pathology of diseases. They also speak with gratitude about the coaching, encouragement and mentoring that Dr. Hulland provided, and how much of a difference he made in their own careers. This award is intended for a graduate student pursuing study of the causes and effects of disease. Being recognized for one’s potential and encouraged, can be the catalyst for great outcomes. We hope this scholarship will help others achieve their dreams, just as Tom and Eleanore’s dreams were encouraged by others. Apply as part of the OVC Graduate Awards competition, with a letter (max of 300 words) stating interest in pursuing the study of the cause and effect of disease and describing interest/experience in animal disease research. Selection will be based on admission average and greatest demonstrated interest/experience in animal disease research.

    Students entering a full-time graduate program offered by the Ontario Veterinary College with an interest in pursuing the study of the causes and effects of disease, and who hold a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or equivalent veterinary degree. Preference will be given to a student pursuing studies in pathobiology.

    Donor(s): Eleanore Hulland
    Value: 1 award of $10,000
    Awarded: In the winter and the recipient must be registered to receive
    • Apply By Letter
    • Canadian-PR-PP
    • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

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