Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences – Bachelor (Netherlands)

Below you will find the rules and regulations as applicable to the students of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB).


  • You are a national of a non-EEA country (not holding an extra EEA nationality) and hence you have to pay the institute tuition fee;
  • You have never before studied at an educational institution in the Netherlands;
  • You are or will be accepted for one of the bachelor programmes of ESSB;
  • You are considered an excellent applicant, as apparent from your motivation and grade point average at the moment of application (demonstrated through your academic record). The rule of the thumb is that the average grade should be the equivalent to the Dutch grade of 8.0 on the Dutch grading scale of 1 to 10.

Scholarship amount and payment

The scholarship amounts from €5.000 up to €15.000. You will receive it in the first year of your studies.

The scholarship will only be rewarded if you start studies in the same programme for which you have applied, have been granted admission and awarded the scholarship.

Application procedure

The application consists of a motivation letter (one page maximum) where the candidate answers two questions:

  • Why do you need the scholarship?
  • Why should you be considered an excellent applicant?

The answer to the latter question can, but does not have to, include grades.

The application for the scholarship must:

  • be submitted before April 30th;
  • be submitted through the EUR Admissions PortaOpens externall (not through email!). You can submit your motivation letter for Holland Scholarship while applying for a Bachelor programme through the portal. This is possible from October 1st onwards. Please keep an eye on the application deadline of the Bachelor programme of your choice.

Please be aware that a scholarship can only be granted after being admitted to the Bachelor programme. In case you have not yet finished your studies, you may get a conditional offer.


All applicants will be informed about the decision before June 1. Instruction on further steps accepting the scholarship will follow.

Contact information

In case of questions please email

Website link:

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