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Esperanza Pertusa Foundation 2023 Photography Award

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    The 3rd Edition of the International Photography Award aims at recognizing and disseminating the work of artists, professionals or amateurs, who inspire a positive social transformation, by addressing in their projects the situation of poverty and social exclusion experienced by millions of human beings in the world.


    The purpose of this Award is to recognize the power of the gaze for social transformation. Thus, this Prize values the artistic dimension, beauty and the ability to summon the gaze of the observer. Poverty and beauty: an apparently antagonistic pairing that only the power of Art can fully express.


    Eligibility Criteria

    • Photographers of legal age of any nationality from any place of residence may submit for the Esperanza Pertusa Photography Prize original and unpublished works on the subject of poverty and social exclusion, as long as those works have not previously won prizes in other competitions and as long as their publishing rights have not been committed.
    • Each participant may present a single work consisting of a photo project that will include the project title, three digital photos and a descriptive summary of the project.
    • The three digital photos will be taken using any technique, in black and white or colour, and will relate to the same photo project.
    • The summary will be between 200 and 400 words long and must contain the origin of the work and the motivation behind it, as well as any other information deemed relevant.


    Offered Benefits


    • First prize: €2,000
    • Runner-up 1: €500
    • Runner-up 2: €500


    Application Process

    Entries will be submitted by email to  , using the subject line “Concurso de Fotografía Esperanza Pertusa”.

    The body of the email will include the following details:

    • Title of the photo project
    • Name and surnames of the photographer
    • National Identity Card (DNI) number or equivalent
    • Contact telephone number In attached documents:
    • The 3 photographs, which will be submitted as individual JPEG files with a minimum resolution of 300 ppi. The photo may not be submitted in zipped format and its size must be between 3 and 8 M.
    • The summary of the project, maximum length 400 words. To be submitted in PDF format.

    All the components will share the same photo project title.


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