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Future Administrator Scholarship

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    About the Scholarship

    The Journalism Education Association awards a $1,500 scholarship to an adviser who intends to earn a secondary administrator’s credential/license and seek a position in administration. Each recipient must be a current JEA member and student media adviser who is in or past their fourth year of teaching and advising. The scholarship check is sent to the student’s college/university account after the winner is announced.

    Entry Criteria

    Each recipient must complete the application, which includes the following:
    ● A 250-word essay explaining his/her desire to become a secondary administrator.
    ● Not more than three (3) recommendation letters, preferably from those who have firsthand knowledge of his/her leadership skills and work with student journalists.
    ● A current resume.
    ● Appropriate application or other verification of enrollment in an accredited administrative program.


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