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Scholarships for international students at Berea College covering the full tuition fees (100%).

Explore the Berea College Scholarships for International Students (covering 100% of tuition fees): Are you in pursuit of a comprehensive tuition fee waiver? You have the opportunity to apply for the Berea College Scholarships designed for international students. Berea College stands as the singular institution in the United States that extends full financial support, encompassing 100% funding, to incoming international students during their initial year of enrollment.

Berea College operates under a remarkable commitment where no student incurs tuition expenses. All admitted individuals benefit from the No-Tuition Promise, which ensures complete coverage of tuition expenses. Berea College distinguishes itself as the sole U.S. institution providing 100% funding to all international students admitted in their first year of study. This blend of financial assistance and scholarships effectively offsets costs related to tuition, accommodations, meals, and associated fees.

Sponsorship Provider: Berea College, USA

Scholarship Location: Berea College, USA

Type of Scholarship: Tuition grant

Scholarship Value: Full tuition coverage, i.e., 100% of tuition expenses

Number of Scholarships: Multiple

Academic Level: Undergraduate

Eligibility: Open to international students

Berea College Scholarships | Qualification Criteria:

Prospective applicants to Berea College should possess a potent blend of strong academic potential and demonstrated financial need. A substantial portion of Berea College students typically score within the range of 20 to 30 on the ACT (or the equivalent SAT) and exhibit a cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.0, showcasing a robust foundation in a college preparatory curriculum. Candidates have the option of submitting either ACT or SAT scores. Additional facets like community engagement, leadership qualities, and levels of motivation will also be factored into the evaluation process. The application procedure prioritizes merit and evidence of leadership accomplishments.

Language Proficiency: Applicants are mandated to provide substantiating evidence of fulfilling the minimum English language proficiency requisites set forth by Berea College.

Application Guidelines:

How to Apply: In the event that students are unable to submit their application package via postal mail by November 1, they are encouraged to contact to request an alternative submission method. It is important to note that requests for exemptions from the mailing requirement will not be considered prior to November 1.

Required Documents:

All the following documents should be compiled in the application package and submitted together to the Office of Admissions:

1. International Application for Admission and Scholarship form.
2. International Personal Essay along with Essay Cover Sheet.
3. Duplicate of official secondary school transcripts (Originals should not be sent).
4. Personal Statement detailing Financial Circumstances.
5. International Financial Questionnaire (IFQ).
6. International Financial Recommendation Form.
7. A duo of Admission Recommendation forms, with at least one being composed by a current or former educator.
8. A copy of the official scores from any of the following examinations: TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, or SAT. It is advised to register and take the test well in advance to include the score copy in the application packet and meet the deadline.

Berea College boasts a rich legacy of embracing students of diverse nationalities, religious beliefs, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Your presence at Berea will undoubtedly be met with a warm welcome. Admittance to Berea College is competitive, necessitating fulfillment of specific prerequisites for consideration.

Application Deadline:

November 30 (Yearly)

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