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SDA Bocconi School of Management 2023 MBA Scholarships for African Students

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    Fill out and submit the online application through our website and upload all required documents online.

    Kindly notice the application portal is an independent system, therefore your SDA Bocconi website ( credentials are not to be used. Please proceed with a new registration.

    Official/original or certified degree certificate/transcript should be uploaded through MyApplication portal and provided to Admissions office

    Official/original degree certificate/transcripts can also be sent directly by the candidate’s University to 

    Applicants may verify the arrival of their application and the status of their application directly on the online application.

    Documents can be uploaded after submitting your application.

    For further clarification on individual applications, please contact the Admissions Service.

    SDA Bocconi, Masters Division
    MBA Recruiting and Admissions Service
    Via Sarfatti, 10
    20136 Milan – Italy
    Tel +39 02 5836 3177/3299/3215

    Admissions Process

    The MBA Admissions Process is a rigorous one, designed not only to determine whether candidates are qualified for the MBA program, but also whether the program will meet each candidate’s expectations and career goals.

    We Look for Highly Motivated Candidates With Well-Defined Goals

    The MBA applications review begins in September 2022 and ends in July 2023. As soon as we receive your application, we carry out a pre-selection process based on the documents sent. Once pre-selection is complete, we’ll let you know if your application is suitable to proceed to the selection process. The final selection result is communicated to you within 12 weeks of receiving a complete application, i.e. after all tests have been completed and all documents received.

    Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and, given the large volume of applications, those received well in advance of the final deadline have a greater chance of being admitted. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit the application as early as possible.

    Admissions Results

    As soon as the selection process is completed you will receive a formal letter from Admissions Service which will inform you of the admissions decision. The results are never communicated by telephone.


    The selection process will yield one of the following results:

    • Admission: If you are accepted, alongside the official admission notice you will receive a participation contract.
      If all available places are occupied, the school may decide to put you on a waiting list or offer you admission for the following year.
      Admission to the program is valid for the year the application is submitted. However, you can request deferment for the following year, but approval of deferment is on a case-by-case decision by the Admissions Committee.


    • Non-Admission: Admission to the program is highly selective. The selection process assesses the profile of the individual candidate while taking into account the composition of the MBA class, which must be consistent with the quality and diversity the school requires. While we are aware of the deep commitment all candidates must make to go through the selection process, the school does not provide further clarifications to non-admitted candidates.

    Fees & Expenses

    A Challenging but High-Yield Investment

    An MBA is a program that requires a significant financial commitment but always repays itself with a wide margin. Here is an overview of costs.

    SDA Bocconi’s MBA is an intensive program and participation is mandatory for the entire duration. This is necessary to achieve the desired results. For this reason during the MBA it is impossible to engage in professional activities that provide financial support for participation.



    First Installment

    € 10,000
    acceptance of your admission to the Program

    Second Installment

    by 31 October 2023

    Third Installment

    € 18,500
    by 31 January 2024

    Fourth Installment

    € 18,000
    by 30 April 2024


    The fees include:

    • Most teaching materials (although some texts must be purchased separately)
    • Access to the school’s databases

    Participants must provide their own laptop.


    Other costs

    • Admission Process Fee: € 120
    • Personal Expenses: Of course, personal expenses will vary significantly depending on each individual’s lifestyle. In general, the cost of living in Milan is comparable to that of other major European cities. We aim to provide you with an accurate expectation of monthly expenses based on information provided by MBA students in recent years:
      – Housing: € 750 – 1200
      – Meals: € 450
      – Transports: € 100
      – Misc. Expenses:€ 350
      – Total: € 1,650 – 2,100

    Scholarships & Tuition Waivers

    Each year multiple scholarships and tuition waivers are available for outstanding candidates, thanks to the ongoing support of companies, other organizations, as well as our Alumni and current students.

    Student and Alumni support is the foundation on which SDA Bocconi sets the basis to provide scholarships for future promising young leaders who will, in turn, serve as models and contribute to lead global changes starting in the classroom and ending with a new professional path. Therefore, scholarship recipients may consider giving back to help the School conceive, design and implement new initiatives and a better program, as well as create a stronger sense of community. Even a small gift has impact and may change lives.

    The tuition waivers / scholarships are usually awarded before the start of the program. A special commission decides the number and the criteria for the assignment of total or partial tuition waivers. The decision is final and is notified to the beneficiaries according to the dates indicated in each “notice of competition” and not later than the beginning of the program.

    Admission to the program is independent of the award of any scholarship or tuition waiver.

    Applications to the tuition waivers will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

    • Analysis of academic and professional record;
    • Analysis of the requirements indicated in the specific notice of competition;
    • Results of the MBA selection process.


    To be eligible for the scholarships/tuition waivers you must:

    • Have sent the application to the 2023-2024 MBA Program;
    • Look at the pre-requisites for each scholarship/tuition waiver;
    • Apply for the Scholarship or Tuition waiver, once available, on the online application Portal by the deadlines indicated (more than one applications are possible).


    You can apply to the scholarship/tuition waivers even though your selection process is still in progress.

    If you meet more than one requirement, you can apply to multiple scholarhsips/tuition waivers.

    The Tuition Waivers for the MBA 2023-24 will be available in October/November.


    Loans & Funding for Candidates

    The School assists candidates with their search for funding by supplying the necessary documentation and encouraging them to explore all scholarship and loan possibilities. SDA Bocconi provides opportunities for low-interest loans to admitted students:

    • Prodigy Finance  for international students and Italian students (Italian students are only eligible if they meet certain conditions: please refer to the eligibility criteria).
    • Italian Banks for Italian students and European  students. Italian Banks loan applications must be submitted by the end of month that follows your Master starting date.

    Bocconi offers Support Programs for student-athletes involved in competitive sports who participate in competitions at  regional, national and international level. 

    Furthermore, the University provides international students with information about possible sources for financing in several countries. For further information, please visit the Università Bocconi website.

    Apply Here:

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