Best 5 Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for International Students

Saudi Arabia stands out as a premier destination for academic pursuits, particularly for programs related to Islamic studies or those conducted in Arabic. However, contemporary Saudi educational institutions extend a diverse array of degree programs encompassing fields such as art, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, education, computer science, and information science. Notably, a majority of these courses are conducted in English, particularly those in technical domains like engineering and science.

The nation extends a warm welcome to foreign students, regardless of their ethnic background. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia offers a comprehensive immersion in Arabic culture and language for students hailing from outside the Middle East or those who are non-native Arabic speakers.

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Annually, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with top-tier Saudi universities, awards scholarships to exceptional students from various global regions. This initiative serves to strengthen diplomatic ties and promote the influx of international students into the country.

Here is a compilation of some of the prominent Saudi Arabia scholarships for the year 2023:

1. Islamic Development Bank Scholarships:
Sponsored by the Islamic Development Bank, this scholarship is open to students at all levels of study (Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Post-doctoral, Training). It provides a monthly stipend, covers tuition fees, offers medical support, and includes a travel allowance.

2. Government of Saudi Arabia Scholarships:
Administered by the Government of Saudi Arabia, this scholarship is available for all study levels (Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Post-doctoral, Training). The government annually awards scholarships to outstanding students worldwide, aligning with its commitment to knowledge dissemination and scientific research on a global scale.

3. Islamic University Madinah Scholarships:
Offered by the Islamic University Madinah, this scholarship is accessible for Undergraduate and Masters study levels. It covers a monthly allowance, free accommodations, and quality healthcare, with a focus on science disciplines and related studies at the university.

4. King Abdulaziz University (KAUST) Scholarships:
KAUST Scholarships, fully funded for undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels, provide students with opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research on global challenges. The scholarship includes a two-way airfare ticket, monthly bursary, accommodation, and healthcare. [Click here to read more and apply.](link)

5. Al-Majma’ah University Scholarships:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia extends scholarships to non-Saudi students for post-secondary studies at Saudi universities. These governmental scholarships are categorized as internal scholarships for non-Saudi students residing legally in Saudi and external scholarships for non-Saudi students living abroad.

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