Top 20 IT Schools in Africa

Africa boasts numerous world-class institutions providing top-notch training and degrees for individuals seeking to launch a career in the technology sector. These IT skills are in high demand by employers, offering lucrative potential. For example, an average mid-level software engineer can earn around $134,449 annually and has the option to choose remote, hybrid, or on-site work with reputable companies or startups.

What Constitutes IT Skills?
IT skills encompass the abilities required to utilize computers and other technological devices to execute various tasks. These include:

– Cloud computing
– Data analysis
– Software engineering
– Mobile application development
– DevOps
– Machine learning
– Artificial intelligence
– Robotics
– Network and security
– And more.

Top IT Schools in Africa

1. University of Cape Town, South Africa:
– Offers world-class IT training and development through various programs.
– Programs include Artificial Intelligence (MSc), Data Science (MSc), and Information Technology (MSc).
– Encourages students from non-IT backgrounds to explore IT programs.
– Provides 6-week online short courses in information technology.

2. NIIT-Nigeria:
– A digital skills development institute with a global presence.
– Trains individuals in Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more.
– Recognized as one of the best IT training institutes globally.

3. Higher School of Computing and Technologies of the Supdeco Group, Senegal:
– Offers IT programs such as Masters in Software Engineering and Masters in Network Systems and Security.
– Graduates are equipped to provide innovative solutions across various sectors.

4. ALTSchool Africa:
– An online-based skill training platform present in major African cities.
– Offers IT specializations including Software Engineering, Data Engineering and Analytics, Cloud Computing/Engineering, and UX Design.

5. Pretoria University, South Africa:
– Renowned for excellence in Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Computer Science.
– Offers degrees such as Master of Engineering in Software Engineering and Master’s in Information Technology (Big Data Science).

6. Cairo University, Egypt:
– Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence provides quality training in AI and software engineering.
– Offers programs like Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Masters in Data Engineering.

7. ApTech, Nigeria:
– One of the best IT training institutes in Africa, offering distant/home learning.
– Provides training in NET, Networking, Java, Oracle, Mobile/Web Application Development, Cloud Computing, and Enterprise.

8. University of Mauritius:
– Offers dual master’s degrees in Cybersecurity with rigorous hands-on training.
– Programs include Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity and Forensics and Master’s in Cybersecurity and Pen Testing.

9. Institut Ucac – Icam, Cameroon:
– Located in Yaoundé, Cameroon, it trains individuals in IT programs such as Software Engineering, Networks, Systems, and Security.

10. Mulungushi University (MU), Zambia:
– Tailored Master’s and Bachelor’s programs for cybersecurity specialists, data scientists, and AI consultants.
– Offers programs like Master of Information Technology and Master of Science in Cyber Security.

11. Ain Shams University, Egypt:
– Trains students to be experts in cybersecurity and machine learning through hands-on training and technical education.
– Internationally recognized for its specialized applications of standards in machine learning and cybersecurity fields.

12. University of Johannesburg, South Africa:
– Through its Masters of Information Technology program, offers courses in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology Security, and Services Computing.
– Two-year training program to enable expertise in chosen specializations.

13. Covenant University, Nigeria:
– Focuses on solving digital challenges in society.
– Curriculum includes programming, artificial intelligence, computer networking, computer architecture, and electronic circuit design.
– Produces a significant number of successful software engineers annually.

14. ENSIT School of Computer Science Engineering, Ivory Coast:
– Engineering school located in Abidjan, training individuals in software engineering, business intelligence, and security.
– Receives support from international organizations such as UNESCO for providing top-notch IT training.

15. PIGIER-BÉNIN, Benin:
– Offers world-class IT education through a four-year program in networks and software engineering.
– Equips students to tackle real-world technical problems, with internships in the third year.
– Member of the prestigious LA COMPAGNIE DE FORMATION in France, fostering quality technical education.

16. Nelson Mandela University, South Africa:
– Offers a three-year diploma in software engineering.
– Provides training in cybersecurity, programming languages, and IoT through Nelson Mandela Cisco Academy.

17. Ivorian Institute of Technology, Ivory Coast:
– Located in the UNESCO world heritage site of Grand-Bassam, trains students in software development, network systems, and security.
– Offers scholarships to students who cannot afford tuition fees.

18. University of Witwatersrand, South Africa:
– Provides a bachelor’s degree in information engineering to meet students’ digital needs.
– Trains students in IT fields such as software engineering, telecommunications, and computer networking over a full-time 4-year program.

19. Essitech International, Burkina Faso:
– Trains students to become high-level professionals in software development, big data analytics, network security, and cloud computing.
– Emphasizes innovative design and production of software through collaboration with international and local companies.

20. PIDERC Specialization Institute (ISP), Cameroon:
– A private educational institute offering a professional license in Software Engineering (LPGL).
– Trains students in web development, network, multimedia, distributed systems, and cloud computing.
– High employability rate in Africa and worldwide.

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