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Top Companies for Germany Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Have you ever envisioned or considered the prospect of relocating to Germany for both residence and employment? Presently, there are abundant opportunities for individuals from abroad who aspire to make the move, particularly given the imminent labor shortage in the country. Germany is currently contending with a substantial deficit in its workforce, creating favorable conditions for foreign individuals seeking employment and visa sponsorship in Germany.

There are various avenues for those wishing to relocate to Germany. As an international student, you can explore scholarship opportunities to pursue your studies in Germany. Alternatively, if you are a skilled professional, you can capitalize on the option to apply for German Visa Sponsorship jobs, with numerous German companies providing such opportunities. In this compilation, we outline a list of these companies and guide you through the process of applying for their visa sponsorship.

Projections indicate that by 2035, Germany could be facing a shortage of 7 million skilled workers. In response, the German government is proactively working to streamline immigration procedures, making it more appealing for skilled foreign workers from around the world to contribute to the country’s workforce.

While job opportunities abound in various fields such as electrical engineering, information technology, medicine, nursing, caregiving, hospitality, and more, prospective foreign applicants may wonder about the application process. It is a straightforward process if you know where to commence.

Key Points to Consider:

– Germany welcomes foreign professionals in any field, provided they have a sponsor.
– German visa sponsorship jobs are exclusively offered by government-approved German companies.
– The average salary range for skilled workers hovers around EUR 8,000 per month.
– Individuals of any nationality are eligible to apply for German visa sponsorship jobs as long as they are willing to work in Germany.

Commonly Available Jobs in Germany:

A diverse array of job opportunities awaits those seeking visa sponsorship in Germany, spanning sectors such as healthcare and nursing, information technology (IT), engineering, skilled trades, education, hospitality and tourism, construction, automotive industry, agriculture, and farming, as well as healthcare support.

Visa Sponsorship Opportunities with German Companies in 2023

Numerous German companies have been authorized to provide visa sponsorship to international candidates. Some of the companies currently included in this list are:

– Daimler
– Siemens
– Volkswagen
– Bayer
– Porsche
– Adidas
– Continental
– Henkel
– Merck
– Allianz
– Deutsche Bank
– Robert Bosch

Applying for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Germany in 2023

To begin the process of applying for visa sponsorship jobs in Germany in 2023, the first step is to identify available positions. Various platforms facilitate this search and application process:

Utilize the EURES Portal (European Employment Services):
The EURES Portal collaborates with governmental employment agencies to list current job opportunities in Germany for global applicants. Presently, there are approximately 863,251 job listings covering full-time, part-time, and short-term positions.

Application Steps:
1. Filter job listings by language (English or German).
2. Employ search terms like “Visa Sponsorship” to identify relevant job openings.
3. Check your eligibility for the identified jobs and submit your application accordingly.

Top 5 Companies for Direct Application:

1. Airbus Jobs in Germany:
Airbus offers jobs and internships to candidates from any country, with a monthly compensation package of €1,000, including allowances and accommodation.

2. Amazon Jobs in Germany:
Amazon welcomes individuals from diverse educational backgrounds and fields, offering positions in various locations across Germany.

3. Quantitative Analyst (CEPRES):
CEPRES, a digital fundraising platform, provides competitive salaries and visa sponsorship, along with relocation assistance and team events.

4. Mercedes-Benz Jobs in Germany:
Mercedes-Benz presents numerous opportunities for students, graduates, and professionals, including scholar programs, graduate programs, and internships.

5. Siemens Germany:
Siemens offers various roles in engineering, manufacturing, research and development, IT, sales, and marketing. With around 113,000 employees in Germany, Siemens is a significant employer.

Additionally, explore other top companies such as Google Jobs, Microsoft Careers, BMW Group Jobs, and Apple Germany, all of which offer visa sponsorship for qualified candidates.

Keep in mind that the application process for Germany visa sponsorship jobs in 2023 operates on a first-come, first-served basis with no specific deadline. Therefore, applying early is advisable, and consider applying to as many opportunities as possible. Best wishes!

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