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10 Common Jobs Easily Accessible to International Students in Canada

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    Explore Study and Employment Opportunities in Canada | Over 10 Jobs for International Students: Engaging in part-time work while attending college or university not only enhances your CV but also provides opportunities to connect with new people and, most importantly, earn some extra cash! You must be intrigued by this idea since you’re here reading this.

    So, why not let us guide you on an exciting journey as we delve into various student-friendly jobs available to international students studying in Canada.

    Let’s get started!

    It’s safe to say that many international students aspire to study at the world’s best work-study university, and Canada is an excellent choice.

    If Canada were a person instead of a country, she would be a captivating woman, the life of the party.

    Canada, with its robust economy and numerous on-and-off-campus job prospects, has positioned itself as a magnet for professionals. Here, we present a range of study and work opportunities in Canada that are sure to pique your interest.

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    On-Campus Jobs:

    Who wants a mundane nine-to-five office job along with the workload from school? Not me.

    Here are some on-campus jobs that allow you to focus on your studies, work without a permit, or fulfill a federal work-study requirement, all while receiving regular paychecks.

    1. Mailroom Attendant Jobs

    Average Salary: $27,078 per year

    Nearly all college dorms have a mailroom where students can receive letters and packages. Working in the mailroom is an excellent way to connect with dormitory mates and peers from other residences. Plus, the downtime during work allows for reading or completing assignments.

    What a fantastic win-win situation!

    2. Library Attendant Jobs

    Average Salary: $43,524 per year

    Put your ushering skills to use and make money as a library attendant. Standing in a hushed environment for an eight-hour shift may suit you well, especially if you spend a lot of time in the library. Library attendants oversee a conducive study environment and often get their own school work done while getting paid.

    Isn’t that cool?

    3. Teaching Assistant Jobs

    Average Salary: $26.42 per hour

    Fluent in English and French? You can land a great job as a teaching assistant. Many colleges and universities hire undergraduates or graduate students for various subjects. If you’ve excelled in a class or have a good relationship with a professor, inquire about becoming a teaching assistant.

    4. Web Developer Jobs

    Average Salary: $62,522

    Whether on or off-campus, web developer jobs are versatile. Web developers build everything from computer programs to phone apps. With Canada’s global talent stream offering a two-8 to Canada work permit, if you have web development skills, this job is ideal.

    Off-Campus Jobs:

    5. Bartender Jobs

    Average Salary: $28,236 per year

    If you enjoy the hustle-and-bustle of a college café and meeting new faces, consider working as a bartender. Not only will you likely get free caffeine, but the skills learned are transferable to other café and restaurant jobs.

    6. Driver Jobs

    Average Salary: $44,836

    A perfect “side hustle” like Uber driving can add to your regular income. Commercial drivers, from long-haul truck drivers to forklift drivers, are in demand in Canada.

    7. Receptionist Jobs

    Average Salary: $31,304

    Receptionists are crucial as the first face customers see, requiring customer service and tech skills. These skills are valuable post-graduation.

    8. Merchandiser Jobs

    Average Salary: $48,610

    Merchandisers decide on new stock and its presentation in retail stores. Choose a shop with friendly working hours to balance work and study.

    9. Heavy-Duty Mechanic Jobs

    Average Salary: $70,000

    Working with large machinery in maintenance and repair, heavy-duty mechanics are vital to sectors like energy and manufacturing.

    10. General Labour Jobs

    Average Salary: $29,250

    General labour jobs, involving cleaning, moving materials, and physically demanding tasks, are in demand throughout Canada.

    Requirements to Work in Canada:

    Working in Canada is accessible for students. You can work for the institution or a private business on the campus. The off-campus work permit program is also flexible, allowing international students to work part-time during regular academic sessions and full-time during breaks.

    Canadian law requires a work visa or a permanent staying permit. To get a valid work/study permit, fulfill the following requirements:

    – Be a full-time student at an eligible institution.
    – Have a social insurance number.
    – Enroll in an academic, vocational, or professional program lasting at least six months.
    – Work a maximum of 20 hours per week during regular sessions and full-time during breaks.
    – Be between 18-35 years old.
    – Have a country of origin agreement with Canada.
    – Possess a valid travel document or passport.
    – Provide photos and necessary documentation.
    – Have a valid job offer.
    – Follow the application process for a work permit.

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