Food Dreams Scholarship, USA

Scholarship Overview:

The Food Dreams Scholarship offers a gateway to realizing your culinary aspirations, catering to both high school graduates and individuals with a fervor for the culinary arts. This scholarship, generously funded by the Food Dreams nonprofit foundation established in 2016 by the acclaimed chef Jean-Georges, aims to break financial barriers and facilitate access to culinary education and career opportunities for passionate individuals globally.

About Food Dreams:

Founded by renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten in 2016, Food Dreams is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to supporting and empowering aspiring chefs worldwide. The organization strives to make culinary education and mentorship programs accessible, particularly for those lacking financial resources.


A pivotal initiative of Food Dreams involves providing scholarships for esteemed culinary institutes like the Culinary Institute of America and the Institute of Culinary Education. These scholarships enable talented individuals to receive formal training at top-tier culinary institutions, nurturing their culinary dreams.

Additionally, Food Dreams extends post-graduate mentorship programs in Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurants globally, offering hands-on experience and exposure to the culinary realm, aiding aspiring chefs in building their careers.

Commitment to Diversity:

Food Dreams is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the culinary field, ensuring that individuals with a passion for cooking, irrespective of their financial backgrounds, have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the culinary industry.

Scholarship Details:
The Food Dreams Scholarship in the USA is available for undergraduate programs at universities in the United States, specifically focusing on Culinary Arts.

Available Subjects:
The scholarship covers programs related to Culinary Arts.

Scholarship Benefits:
Multiple awards, each valued at up to $20,000, are provided to successful applicants.

Eligible Nationalities:
This scholarship is open to US Citizens, Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, DACA recipients, and others.

Eligibility Criteria:

Prospective applicants should meet the following eligibility requirements:

– Grade Level: High School Seniors & College Students
– Citizenship: US Citizens, Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, DACA, Others
– Minimum GPA: 3.0
– Academic Interest: Culinary Arts
– Other Category: Financial Need (Low Income)

Application Procedure:

To complete the scholarship application, ensure the timely submission of the following required documents by the specified deadline:

1. A 500-word essay
2. Proof of enrollment
3. Academic transcript
4. Letters of recommendation

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