Are you planning a study programme, internship or research project abroad and you’re not eligible for an Erasmus or Holland Scholarship grant? In that case, you might apply for a grant from the Radboud University Profiling Fund – the Individual Travel Grant (IRS). This grant is intended as compensation for the extra expenses you have when you go abroad for a study period. Such expenses might include tickets, visum, accommodation rental and vaccinations. If no such extra expenses are involved, for example in the case of a virtual study exchange, you won’t be eligible for the grant. Also, your study programme or faculty will have to approve the trip, because it is of essential importance that your exchange is relevant to your study.

The compensation amounts to 200 euros a month for a stay in Europe, and 300 euros a month outside Europe. The amount of the grant you ultimately receive will be calculated based on the number of days of your study-related stay abroad. The compensation is for a maximum of 4 months.