Top 8 Switzerland Scholarships 2024: Study Without IELTS

Switzerland’s allure for international students lies in its affordable education, renowned institutions, and abundant scholarship opportunities. This list highlights top Swiss scholarships for studying without IELTS. Switzerland welcomes students worldwide for fully funded undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs at prestigious universities, many of which don’t require proof of English proficiency like IELTS. Benefits of studying in Switzerland include lucrative scholarships, extensive networking, top-ranked institutions, career prospects, and cutting-edge research facilities.

Swiss Universities for IELTS-Free Study

1. University of Zurich
2. University of Bern
3. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
4. University of Basel
5. University of Lausanne
6. University of Geneva
7. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

Switzerland Scholarships Without IELTS

1. Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists
– Annually, the Swiss Government awards scholarships to facilitate global research cooperation. These scholarships target young researchers and artists from abroad who have completed a master’s or Ph.D. program, or hold a bachelor’s degree.

2. ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships in Switzerland
– ETH Zurich, Switzerland’s top university, offers support for master’s studies through scholarships, mentorship, and a network provided by the ETH Foundation. These scholarships cover tuition and living expenses. The ETH-D Scholarship includes a partial stipend and additional offers from the department.

3. University of Zurich Scholarships for International Students
– As Switzerland’s largest university, the University of Zurich offers diverse academic options. It ranks second nationally and 78th globally. The university provides scholarship opportunities for international students pursuing full-time study in eligible programs.

4. University of Bern International Scholarships
– The University of Bern is known for its high-quality education and research services. It ranks sixth nationally and is a hub of social, economic, and political life. It offers scholarships and boasts five National Competence in Research areas.

5. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Scholarships
– EPFL offers various scholarship opportunities to international students, ranging from bachelor’s to doctoral scholarships. It ranks 22nd globally and excels in engineering, technology, and natural sciences.

6. University of Basel International Scholarships
– The University of Basel provides scholarships through the Senate’s scholarship committee and cantonal education contributions. It’s a historic and innovative institution, ranking third nationally, and prides itself on a 500-year tradition of excellence.

7. University of Lausanne Scholarships
– The University of Lausanne offers numerous scholarships, including merit-based, Swiss Government, and World Bank scholarships. With a focus on human and social sciences, life sciences, medicine, and environmental sciences, it emphasizes interdisciplinary learning.

8. University of Geneva Scholarships
– The University of Geneva prioritizes teaching, research, and community service. It is the second-largest university in Switzerland and holds a strong international reputation. Various scholarship opportunities are available to international students to support their education.

These scholarships make studying in Switzerland accessible to talented individuals from around the world.

Alternative to English Proficiency Certificate

If you come from an English-speaking background, you have an advantage. Your college or university can issue a letter confirming your English proficiency, which you can include with your study permit application as proof of meeting the English language requirement. All you need to do is obtain the English Language Proficiency Certificate, and be sure to mention that your previous degree institution used English as the medium of instruction.

Internship Opportunities for International Students in Switzerland Without IELTS

1. CERN Summer Student Program in Switzerland
– This is a fully funded summer exchange program open to applicants of all nationalities. No IELTS/TOEFL is required, and there are no application fees or work experience prerequisites.

2. CERN Administrative Student Program
– Switzerland offers 120 positions for undergraduate, bachelor, master, and graduate students from CERN Member or Associate Member States. Numerous internship fields are available.

3. CERN Internship Program in Switzerland
– Switzerland provides international students with a unique opportunity to undertake internships. There are approximately 120 internship positions available for undergraduates, bachelor, master, and graduate students from CERN Member or Associate Member States.

4. CERN Technical Student Internship Program
– CERN selects a total of 120 students for this program, including undergraduates, bachelor, master’s, and graduate students in fields such as applied physics, electrical or electronics engineering, general or civil engineering, IT, mathematics and robotics, material and surface science, mechanical engineering, and administrative fields.

5. CERN Doctoral Student Program
– Doctoral or PhD students from CERN Member or Associate Member States are eligible to apply for this internship program. Various internship fields are available and can be accessed online.


Switzerland offers numerous fully funded scholarships, internship opportunities, and summer programs for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students. Don’t hesitate; apply now and fulfill your dream of studying in Switzerland.

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