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University of Minnesota Fellowship, USA

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    The Humphrey School is committed to providing students a great education at a great value. To encourage and support students to complete their degree full-time in two years, tuition banding is established for the MDP, MHR, MPP, MS–STEP, and MURP degree programs. Students enrolled in the MPA program are charged per credit.

    For tuition banding, all credits per semester within the band cost the same:

    • 6–15 credits per semester for MPP, MHR, MURP, MS–STEP
    • 6–16 credits per semester for MDP

    Credits above or below the band are charged per credit at the appropriate resident or non-resident tuition rate.

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    2021–2022 master’s degree tuition rates
    2021–2022 certificate program tuition rates

    Estimated Cost of Attendance

    You can use the University of Minnesota’s cost of attendance calculator to estimate costs for full-time study at the Humphrey School. Estimates are based on the maximum allowable costs for the current academic year (9 months).

    Please note, when calculating tuition into the University’s estimates for the cost of attendance, there is a difference between the Graduate School tuition rates and the Humphrey School tuition rates. You are not charged both rates, but while most calculations should use the Humphrey School rates, the Graduate School rates are used for others (i.e., graduate assistantship benefits).

    Residency and Reciprocity

    Minnesota residents pay in-state tuition rates, which are lower than tuition rates assess to non-Minnesota residents. Qualified students who are residents of Manitoba, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, benefit from a long-standing reciprocity agreement, paying tuition rates equal to in-state rates.

    Tuition reciprocity is not automatic. Students must apply and qualify for reciprocity through the higher education office in their state of residence.

    • North Dakota
    • South Dakota
    • Wisconsin
    • Manitoba

    Please note that students participating in off-campus study, study abroad, or who take time off for an academic year or more must reapply for reciprocity. For more information about the University’s reciprocity policies, download the brochure on residency, reciprocity and tuition exemptions. Answers to frequently asked questions are available in the reciprocity question and answer guide.

    Merit-Based Aid

    Admitted Humphrey School applicants who apply by the application deadlines listed below are automatically considered for merit-based aid awards. Merit-based aid is competitive at the Humphrey School, and aid decisions are delivered on or before March 15.

    Deadlines for MDP, MHR, MPP, MS–STEP and MURP

    • December 15: Deadline for consideration for both University of Minnesota fellowships and Humphrey School merit-based aid
    • January 15: Deadline for consideration for Humphrey School merit-based aid

    Deadlines for MPA

    • February 15: Deadline for consideration for Humphrey School merit-based aid

    University of Minnesota Fellowships

    Students who submit a completed application by December 15 will be considered for the University of Minnesota fellowship programs listed below.

    Applicants are nominated by the Humphrey School admissions committee based on materials provided in the admissions application. While there is no separate application necessary to be considered for nomination, the Office of Admissions may request selected nominees to submit additional statements, forms, or recommendations.

    Please note: These fellowships may have deadlines that differ from the December 15 deadline, but that is the deadline required by the Humphrey School in order to allow sufficient time for application review.

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